Avoid Falls & Other Safety Issues

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Tips to Avoid a Fall
The following suggestions are to help you avoid a fall during your hospital stay:

  • Wear slippers or shoes with non-skid soles while walking.
  • Ask for help if you feel weak, dizzy, or light-headed when you need to get up.
  • Use the call bell or cord in the bathroom if you become weak or need help going back to bed.
  • Notify the nursing staff if a spill occurs on the floor.
  • Ask to have objects such as bedside tables, phone, and call lights within your easy reach if you are not able to get up.
  • Use your call light for help.

Other Safety Issues

  • For infection control purposes, we ask that family members and visitors not sit on your bed.
  • Inform your nurse if you are latex sensitive or have displayed any allergic type reactions to latex products.
  • Contact you nurse prior to disconnecting any medical equipment attached to you such as an IV pump.
  • Please refer to your information packet given to you on admission for additional safety recommendations.