Doctors, Nurses & Other Professionals

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Nursing Staff
The nursing staff works with the doctors and other health care team members to provide care for our loved one. At the time of admission into the ICU/CCU units, your nurse will help explain the necessary treatment. Members of the nursing staff are on duty 24 hours a day.

Hand Washing
To eliminate germs entering the ICU/CCU units from the outside environment, all visitors must wash their hands prior to and after visiting their loved ones. Sinks are located directly outside each patient’s room.

Communication with Doctors
The doctors will be in touch with you about your loved one. They may contact you in the waiting area, in the ICC/CCU units or by telephone. Because of emergencies, surgeries and other delays, your doctors may not be able to make rounds at the same time each day.

Consulting Physicians
The doctor may require assistance from other physicians specializing in various areas of expertise, such as lungs, heart, etc.

Chapel and Chaplains
The Prayer Room is located on the first floor in the Critical Care Waiting Area and is available for your use 24 hours a day. If you would like to speak with a clergy member, contact the patient representative. If you would like to access the Prayer Room, see the patient representative or security.

Other Questions
Social workers and other hospital staff are available to help with other concerns about hospitalization, further treatment, financial issues, care of patient after discharge, etc. Your patient representative will help you contact the right source for assistance.