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Anderson Cup Road Race

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

8:00 am at Anderson Regional Medical Center

Presented by Dr. Azhar Pasha, Pain Management Center of Meridian


Register on-line at, download the form below, or stop by Anderson Health & Fitness Center.

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The proceeds from the Anderson Cup Road Race will be donated to Anderson's Pediatric Therapy patients.  More than 100 children receive physical, occupational and speech therapy services each year in our pediatric therapy department.  Your participation or donation will assist in providing additional equipment for the special needs children we serve.


Anderson Transitions Patients Into a Healthy Lifestyle

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March 20, 2013– Exercise goes hand in hand with health and wellness. That’s why the area’s only medically-based fitness center, Anderson Health and Fitness Center, offers a Clinical Integration program to transition patients into a lifestyle of fitness.


March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

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Colorectal cancer is one of only a few cancers that can be prevented through the use of screening tests, yet colorectal cancer remains the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second most common cause of cancer deaths for men and women in the United States. Each year, tens of thousands of lives are lost to this disease.

Mississippi ranks in the highest percentiles of colon cancer diagnoses and colon cancer deaths, but ranks lowest in colon cancer screenings.  During Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Anderson East Mississippi Endoscopic Center reminds you that screening colonoscopies are recommended once every ten years beginning at the age of 50 and more frequently for high risk patients.  To schedule an appointment call 601-485-1131.

In an effort to bring awareness to colorectal cancer prevention, we are encouraging employees to wear blue on Fridays during the month of March.  Thanks for your support!



Anderson Cup T-Shirt Contest

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Click the link below to vote for your favorite t-shirt!  All proceeds go to Anderson Pediatric Therapy Patients.  Thanks for your support!


Stroke Alert? Fast Response by Anderson...

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Stroke Alert? The Response is Swift at Anderson…

 MERIDIAN, MS – It’s a chilling announcement that rings out clearly in the emergency room — stroke alert. With a stroke most likely to disable a person and not quite cause death, leading to dependence on family members, the golden window of treatment is critical.

When the stroke alert announcement is made, the skilled members of Anderson Regional Medical Center’s Stroke Care Excellence Team swing into action.

“Just like a heart attack, stroke is a medical emergency. At the first sign of sudden weakness or numbness on one side of your body, difficulty with speech or sudden visual changes, we urge people to call 911immediately for transport to our ER,” said Dr. Kim McDonald, Chief of Emergency Medicine at Anderson.

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