"Run for Cancer" Raises More Than $8,000

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John & Friends "run for Cancer"

Raises Funds for Cancer Patient Benevolence Fund

Thanks to the strength and determination of four WTOK-TV marathoners, cancer patients in our area are receiving help through the Cancer Patient Benevolence Fund at Anderson Regional Cancer Center.

Why runners and cancer patients? Because WTOK-TV’s John Johnson graciously made it his goal to dedicate his 26-mile run to raising money for this important fund. The Cancer Patient Benevolence Fund helps cancer patients in our area with things they may not be able to afford, such as transportation assistance, prosthesis, medicine assistance, supplies and food. All of the money is used right here, at home.

John and three WTOK friends — Nick Adam, Lindsey Brown and Angie Barker — made their “Run for Cancer” in the New Orleans Mardi Gras Rock & Roll Marathon Sunday, February 13. All together, they ran more than 104 miles. All together, they raised more than $8,000. All together, they helped tell the story of the significance of the Cancer Patient Benevolence Fund.

“The high points are, obviously, the start and finish of the race,” said WTOK Anchor Lindsey Brown, “But in between there are several hours of running, covering 26-plus miles.

“And we were definitely a group doing it for more. While we all feel a great deal of personal satisfaction, the people we were running for are the folks here at home who need a little financial help as they fight cancer, the Cancer Patient Benevolence Fund,” Lindsey said.

The community also supported this “Run for Cancer.” Many businesses participated in the “Wear Tennis Shoes to Work” to support the run. Schools that joined in were Poplar Springs, Parkview, Northeast and Crestwood elementary schools, plus Charles Young Head Start and Southeast Middle School. And more than 240 run T-shirts were sold.

"'This one probably hurt more than any of the rest, but like we've said, the people who we do this for hurt a lot more," said WTOK News Director John Johnson. "We do it for them. This is for people who are suffering from cancer."

"My grandmother died in December of 2009 and I ran in her memory," said WTOK Digital Sales Director, Angie Barker. "And one of my best friends' sister died, and I ran in her memory also."

"I like to run. I hope to do more marathons," said WTOK Anchor and Reporter, Nick Adam. "But to do something that you know is helping an organization in town with all the money going to patients who need it is really is just an incredible experience."

“I can't believe John Johnson convinced me to run 26 plus miles, but I'm so glad he did,” Lindsey said.

For more information or to make a donation, please call Anderson Regional Cancer Center at 601-485-5081.

Finish times for the WTOK crew:

Nick Adam - 4:16:11

Angie Barker - 4:39:26

Lindsey Brown - 4:46:30

John Johnson - 7:02:59