Anderson Regional Cancer Center Honors Loved Ones at Christmas

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Meridian, Miss.— Anderson Regional Cancer Center paid special tribute to friends, family and loved ones Tuesday, Dec. 14, at the annual Christmas Tribute Ceremony.

Wayne Herrington, Administrative Director of the Cancer Center, opened the ceremony with a moving speech about how the Christmas Tribute helps those in need throughout the year. "This year, 410 people are being honored or remembered by members of our community who donated more than $7,000 to help cancer patients in our area," Herrington said.

Christmas Tribute Ceremony

Dr. Joe Anderson led a prayer for those gathered, after he told the moving story of how far 50 cents can go. "A former classmate of mine borrowed 50 cents from me in the 8th grade," he recounted. "I certainly didn't remember, but she did. Yesterday, I received a letter from her thanking me for that kindness and enclosed was a check for $50. That $50 bought a tribute ornament in honor of her mother, who had recently passed away from cancer. Every penny counts," he finished.

The name of each person being honored or remembered was read aloud during the solemn ceremony, with many coming forward to hang the ornament that featured the name of their loved one. This ceremony is a reminder of the generosity of our community when it comes to supporting good causes.

Cancer Patient Benevolence Fund

The Christmas Tribute raises money to help support the Cancer Patient Benevolence Fund.  Many times, a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming — emotionally and financially. The Cancer Patient Benevolence Fund helps cancer patients in our area with things they may not be able to afford, such as transportation assistance, prosthesis, medicine assistance, lymphedema supplies and food. Your contribution is not only a distinctive way to honor individuals who have touched your life but also a meaningful gesture in support of the Cancer Patient Benevolence Fund. While this year's ceremony is now concluded, we always welcome donations to the Cancer Patient Benevolence Fund.

For more information or to make a donation, please call Anderson Regional Cancer Center at 601-485-5081.