Emergency Department

Emergency Department

The Emergency Department/Trauma Center at Anderson Regional Medical Center, located on 14th Street is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide emergency care and treatment to those in need.

The Anderson Emergency Department offers highly sophisticated care and has many features for patient's comfort and convenience. These include a comfortable waiting area with TV.

Certified by the State of Mississippi as a Level III Trauma Center and Primary Pediatric Trauma Center, the Anderson Emergency Department treats more than 35,000 people each year, including patients with life-threatening injuries such as head and neck injuries, typically from motor vehicle accidents; spinal cord injuries; third-degree burns; and gunshot wounds.

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The Emergency Department at Anderson Regional Medical Center includes:

  • Rapid assessments of patients with stroke symptoms as well as the latest in stroke care including clot-busting agents
  • Rapid assessments of cardiac disease and trauma
  • Expert treatment for patients of all ages, from children to older adults
  • Highly trained and skilled medical staff, including board-certified emergency physicians, surgeons and surgical sub-specialists committed to caring for traumatically injured patients
  • Specially trained anesthesiologists and radiology technicians devoted to all aspects of trauma care
  • An expertly trained nursing staff, all certified in advanced cardiac life support, trauma-nurse certified and are pediatric advanced life support certified, as well as trained in disaster and Hazmat management.
  • Access to mental health resources
  • Advanced technologies, including filmless X-ray technology that allows the radiologist and physician to view test results simultaneously and bedside ultrasound for trauma patients requiring quick assessments for major organ injuries
Understanding ER Procedures