Nutrition, Social Services & Pastoral Care

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At Anderson Regional Cancer Center, we know and understand the impact that major surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy treatments can have on a cancer patient's physical, emotional and spiritual strength. We offer many different resources to our patients, including our “Resource Center.”

Our registered dietitian is available to develop individualized nutrition strategies to make meal time a pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable time while incorporating high calorie, high protein dietary selections. We strongly encourage family members to participate in the patient's nutrition counseling.

Our master’s level social worker provides educational programs, information resources, counseling and a host of other services that can help cancer patients and their families learn to adapt to the changes in their lives. It is important that our patients be aware of community resources, receive financial counseling when needed, and have access to home care planning. Our social worker deals exclusively with cancer patients and their families to help each find the strength to face the challenges cancer can bring.

Pastoral Care is provided to help individuals strengthen their own spirituality and deepen their faith. The Pastoral Care staff may not cure your illness but they can help to heal the hurts of your heart. Our pastoral care representative comes as a friend during a difficult time of life and can contribute to your overall well-being and recovery.