Simulation and Next Steps

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For your simulation, you will be taken to the simulator and the therapist will mark the area of the body to be treated. This is done with a paint pen and tape. Do not remove your marks. They are what the therapist use each day to line up the machine for your treatment. If they become smudged or faded, do not attempt to replace them yourself. Your radiation therapist will take care of this on your next visit.If your treatment will be to the head or neck, sometimes a mask of your head will be made to help you hold still and prevent the therapist from having to place marks on your face. This mask is made of a see-through mesh and will not hinder your breathing.Once you have had your simulation, you will generally start your treatment the next day.Usually, about halfway through your course of treatment, the doctor will reduce the area being treated. To do this, you will repeat the simulation process and new marks will be made.Your radiation oncologist will see you once a week on a scheduled day.  However, if you experience any problems or have questions ask to speak with the radiation doctor or radiation nurse.For after-hours problems that arise, a doctor is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call Anderson Regional Cancer Center at 601-485-5081and ask the nursing supervisor or answering service to page the doctor on call.