Finding Out What Patients Think

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Anderson is committed to providing patients and their families with the best care experience possible. And we recognize that this involves much more than providing the highest quality medical care and outcomes. That’s why we have a program that asks our patients to tell us about their total care experience – from the attentiveness of our nursing staff to the cleanliness of the rooms – and then uses that feedback to continuously improve every aspect of their care.

Inpatient Satisfaction Survey
To objectively measure our patients’ overall care experience, we use a third-party to measure patient satisfaction and compare our results with those of nearly 2,000 other hospitals nationwide. Randomly selected patients are asked to assess their satisfaction in ten different categories – overall hospital experience, nurses, physicians, tests and treatments, admission, visitors and family, personal issues, discharge, room and meals.

What is the Inpatient Satisfaction Survey?
Randomly selected patients receive a phone call from NRC Picker, a national hospital surveyor, within a few days after returning home from the hospital. These patients are asked to assess their satisfaction in ten different quality-of-care categories:

  • overall hospital experience
  • nurses
  • physicians
  • tests and treatments
  • admission
  • visitors and family
  • personal issues
  • discharge
  • room
  • meals

Patient satisfaction is a significant part of the overall health care experience. We not only want medical care to be safe and effective, but we also want our patients’ entire stay to be as satisfying as possible. That’s why we want to know whether the patient’s family was treated compassionately and whether the room was clean and quiet.